Olive oil and coconut oil - are they heart healthy?

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Celo, Mar 31, 2017.

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    Many people are now saying that even cold pressed and raw olive oil and coconut oil is detrimental to health as they clog up arteries and raise cholesterol. Has anyone else heard this? What do you think?
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    It's a bit of a hot topic and the answer has so many levels. I've been following healthy food and diet trends for 15 years and most foods have been deemed unhealthy at some point. I've even read stuff where the "author" says we should not drink water, instead we should get all our water from fruit and veg. Many of these people that seem to ban one type of food are selling a diet book...

    I'm not a professional and none of this is medical advice.

    There have been some studies that show coconut oil is harmful, but this was done on hydrogenated coconut oil that is heated at very high temperatures and full of trans fats and is totally different to the raw cold press and unrefined coconut oil that you get in health food shops, at the type we always use in recipes.

    Coconut oil is high in saturated fats, some believe all saturated fats are bad for you (clog arteries and give heart disease). Whereas others believe that some saturated fats are very good for you and your heart and help prevent diseases such as dementia.

    There has also been this long term belief that saturated fat raises cholesterol and high cholesterol causes heart disease. Recent studies have put doubt on both of these long held beliefs. Some show that high cholesterol has no correlation to cardiovascular health and healthy saturated fats (such as coconut) are good for your heart. The NHS in the UK has been pushing a low-fat diet for decades and people are getting unhealthier these last few decades.

    It's something I have a few tbsp of a week, especially in raw desserts, and I'm not worried at all. Top nutritionists haven't concluded that cold pressed coconut oil is either good or bad for you - most just say more research is needed.

    If having a bit of coconut oil or olive oil a week is a worry for you then you are probably in the top 1% for health and there are fall more important things to think about that maybe doing you damage - such as air quality. Don't have it in excess, but that goes with anything, and limit cooking with oil. If you do ever cook with oil make sure it's a type that has a high smoke point.

    I hope that's some help :)

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